Leak Hints iPad Mini 7 Might Get A17 Pro Power

Apple’s future iPad lineup might be getting a significant upgrade, according to a leak discovered by tech enthusiasts. The rumor suggests Apple is planning multiple new iPads, including a supercharged iPad mini 7 and a potentially even more powerful iPad Pro.

Here’s a breakdown of the leaked details:

Mini Monster?

The leak suggests the iPad mini 7 could be powered by the A17 Pro chip, the same powerhouse expected to be in the iPhone 15 Pro models. This would be a major leap for the iPad mini, which has traditionally used mid-range A-series processors. An A17 Pro chip would position the mini 7 for demanding tasks like video editing, high-end gaming, and professional creative workflows – all on a compact and portable device.

Scrapped Plans & New Ideas

The leak also indicates that Apple might have scrapped some previously planned models. This includes two base iPads with A14 chips and four iPad Pro models with M3 chips (in both 11-inch and 13-inch sizes). Interestingly, the actual iPad Pro released in May 2024 sported the newer M4 chip, suggesting Apple might be constantly iterating on its designs.

A Look Ahead

Looking forward, the leak hints at up to eight new iPad models in the pipeline. One possibility is an 11th generation base iPad equipped with the A16 chip, likely available in both Wi-Fi and cellular options.

Pro Powerhouse

The leak further suggests Apple might be developing a next-generation iPad Pro powered by the unreleased M5 chip, potentially built using TSMC’s advanced 2-nanometer fabrication process. Similar to existing models, this iPad Pro is speculated to come in 11-inch and 13-inch sizes with Wi-Fi and cellular options.

It’s important to remember that this information is based on a leak, and Apple hasn’t officially confirmed any details about these future iPads. However, the rumors have certainly sparked excitement, particularly for the prospect of a supercharged iPad mini 7 and a potentially even more powerful iPad Pro on the horizon.

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